• Daily doses of immediate-release niacin.
Niacin stimulates the release of free fatty acids into the bloodstream.

Moderate aerobic exercise. this increases circulation, which ensures quick distribution of the niacin throughout the body and carries mobilized chemical residues to the excretory routes.

Intermittent sauna to force sweating. as shown in several studies on this procedure, sweat is a primary elimination route for toxics. sauna temperatures range from 140° to 180° F, lower than the typical health-club sauna. subjects take frequent showers, to cool down and to remove substances from the skin and prevent their re-absorption. liquids are administered, and participants are monitored for signs of dehydration and heat exhaustion.

• Ingestion of cold-pressed oils.
these prevent mobilized chemicals from being reabsorbed by the intestines. Polyunsaturated oils have been found to enhance excretion of extremely persistent chemicals, without depositing fat in the liver.

• Vitamin and mineral supplementation.
the oil taken to prevent reabsorption of mobilized chemicals may also reduce absorption of important nutrients. a resulting deficiency could increase the toxicity of mobilized chemicals. an increased intake of vitamins and minerals prevents such toxic effects and also balances the intake of niacin.