Well before Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring provided the impetus for an international environmental movement, L. Ron Hubbard had begun to investigate the possibility that low-level accumulations of radiation and toxic man-made chemicals could harm both mind and body.

More than three decades ago, he finalized a detoxification regimen that could safely eliminate stored toxins and resolve the mental and physical problems they caused.

Since that time, his program has been used throughout the world. It has brought relief to thousands harmed by occupational and environmental exposures, including veterans of the Vietnam and Persian Gulf wars, workers involved in the post-Chernobyl emergency response, 9/11 rescue workers and police officers exposed to toxic material during raids on drug labs.

An ongoing series of research projects in the U.S., Europe and Russia—and decades of clinical experience—have established the importance of Mr. Hubbard’s discovery. It remains the most broadly implemented and studied method for addressing chemical body burden.